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La Herradura 


La Herradura is a family owned and operated business in Buena Vista, Colorado. All of our recipes originate from Puebla and Jalisco, Mexico and we pride ourselves on making everything from scratch and strive to be the home of the best margaritas in town!!


 When my husband and I moved to Buena Vista about 6 years ago, we fell in love with the town and knew it was a great place to raise a family. We consider ourselves so lucky to live in a place where everyone cares about everyone so deeply. We soon developed a dream to open our own restaurant and as soon as the oppertunity presented itself in 2019, we took it. This community has welcomed us with open arms, not only our new business, but us personally. We have loved getting to know our customers and building relationships. Our regulars are always greeted by name and we take the time to memorize their orders!

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